9-11 Years

Live News Report (9-11 Years)

From local problems like litter on your street or problems with your public transport links, through national issues like education and healthcare, and on to worldwide problems like the climate emergency or global peace: we look forward to receiving your live report!

Prose Reading (9-11 Years)

Stories are essential to our shared lives as humans living together in local, national and global communities. Read us part of a story from a book you love.

Poetry Recital from memory (9-11 Years)

Perform one of the following:
(a) ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg
(b) ‘Good Morning, Dear Students’ by Kenn Nesbitt
(c) ‘The Language of Cat’ by Rachel Rooney
(d) ‘Pumberley Pott’s Unpredictable Niece’ by Jack Prelutsky
(e) ‘Poetry Means the World to Me’ by Tony Medina

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