Poetry Recital (9-11 Years)

Perform words written by some of the greatest wordsmiths ever, from the 18th to the 21st centuries. Poems must be performed from memory. Choose one poem from the following (links are to external sites, and open in a new tab): ‘Henry King’ by Hilaire Belloc ‘Cat-Rap’ by Grace Nichols ‘Sick’ by Shel Silverstein ‘Shakespeare at …

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Prose Reading (9-11 Years)

This year, we’re letting you roam through the entirety of prose fiction, to choose an excerpt from any fiction book originally written in the English language. Your excerpt should last 2 minutes, including an introduction at the start of your time, which should last no more than 30 seconds. This introduction should help set the …

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Solo Acting (9-11 Years)

Choose an excerpt from your favourite play or monologue, lasting 3 minutes. A copy of the reading must be sent to us at by 30 April 2023. At the International Oratory Festival, our focus is on the words. Please don’t wear any special costumes, just dress as you would for any other category.

Public Speaking – Presenting an argument (9-11 Years)

Candidates can choose to give a persuasive speech presenting one side of the issue (for or against) or a balanced argument considering both sides. In the 9-11 Years category, you can speak on “Are video games bad for you?” or your own choice on the theme of digital technology, lasting 3 minutes.

News Report (9-11 Years)

Reporting on an exciting news story is a thrilling challenge for our final new category in our May 2023 Oratory Festival. But it’s also the gateway to a career as a journalist, one of the world’s most interesting and important jobs. From local problems like litter on your street or problems with your public transport …

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