Group entry enquiry form

Schools and clubs are encouraged to book a group session where entries cost £10.

Group entries

£ 10 per entry
  • £5 off individual rate
  • Minimum session cost of £100

Large groups

£ Value
  • For institutions entering more than 20 participants
  • We'll be delighted to discuss an additional discount that suits your needs

In any one session, you can enter both different age groups and any mix of categories across either Poetry/Prose/Acting or Public Speaking/News. This year, if you like, we can try to pair you with another group from a different country. Sessions longer than an hour can be broken up so each student doesn’t have to be on the Zoom call for too long.

Fill in our form below, or email us at, and we’ll liaise with you on convenient times for your sessions. Closer to the time, we’ll ask you to provide your students’ details (including names and dates of birth).

We’re really looking forward to you and your students joining our Festival community this May!

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